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Unnoticed Memory Leaks in Your JS App: A Guide for Future

by bartick · 2 min read

Explore the intricacies of memory management in your JavaScript application with this informative guide designed for students. Delve into the often unnoticed world of memory leaks, gaining insights into their detection and resolution. Enhance your understanding of JavaScript programming as you uncover potential memory issues that may be affecting your app's performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced coder, this resource will empower you to address memory leaks and optimize your JS application for smoother functionality.

Empower your Project: Host your own redis server

by bartick · 8 min read

Unlock the full potential of your projects with hassle-free Redis Server hosting! Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and hello to seamless data management. Our user-friendly hosting solution makes it a breeze for you to enhance your project's speed and efficiency. Join the journey of simplified Redis hosting and take your projects to the next level!

Understanding JavaScript Concepts: CommonJS vs. ECMAScript Modules

by bartick · 6 min read

Delve into the JavaScript universe with our guide on CommonJS vs. ECMAScript Modules. Unpack the differences between CommonJS and ECMAScript Modules, perfect for developers seeking clarity or enthusiasts eager to broaden their coding knowledge. Explore functionalities, compare nuances, and master JavaScript module formats with ease. Elevate your understanding effortlessly.

Understanding JavaScript Concepts: prototype vs __proto__

by bartick · 5 min read

Navigating the JavaScript Enigma: Unpacking the Mystery of __proto__ versus Prototype. Delving into this intricate topic may seem daunting, but it's essential to establish a strong foundation in your coding journey. Discover the intricacies and distinctions within this captivating debate.

Using Reverse Proxy for multiple backends - Nginx

by bartick · 6 min read

Join me in the world of backend development, where I grapple with the demands of managing a variety of backend projects. When these projects make their way to the live environment, the necessity arises to open specific ports, like the familiar 80 or 443, to facilitate user access. However, as a student, the challenge of juggling numerous projects looms large, exacerbated by the financial constraints that prevent me from obtaining separate Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for each endeavor. This intriguing dilemma has been a persistent ponderance on my journey.

Getting Started

by bartick · 3 min read

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